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About Us

Hanover Living Magazine

                                                          FOR OUR READERS


     Our monthly magazine brings our community together by focusing on positive, inspiring stories about our residents and businesses. We share the stories of our local families, nonprofits, community events, youth sports and arts. Enjoy a monthly community message from our Chief of Fire, Chief of Police, school Superintendent, The John Curtis Free Library, The Historical Society, The Council on Aging, and so much more. So this magazine is TRULY the “must-read” local community publication!


                                                      FOR OUR SPONSORS


    Hanover Living Magazine prides ourselves on having over 25 years experience in the marketing and sales world, so when you work with us, you’re working with a company who is truly your expert marketing PARTNER! We bring our expertise to YOU, so that your brand has top of mind awareness and the power of being the “go-to” business in your community!  


   As a client, you have access to promote your brand not only to our residents who receive our magazines, but also to our powerful networking community of other sponsors.  We offer you our national pricing for our digital marketing campaigns to the local community, access to promote your brand on our social media, an opportunity to be part of our “Expert Insights” that include write-in opportunities, and access to our email campaigns promoting your brand…for a FULL BRANDING EXPERIENCE! 


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